Planning and Engineering


ISA KHOURY has more than 3 decades of experience executing projects of complex size, ensuring clients a competitive price, schedule certainty and long-term value. Our company is one of the most wide- ranger contractors in the industry, offering a full scale of engineering, procurement and construction services. Our in-house professionals have more than decades of experience in design-build on projects of complex size and scope here and abroad.

We practices careful Planning, comprehensive management strategy for successful completion of our projects. In addition, we accomplish projects on a lump-sum contract basis. Our expansive area's projects adapt a wide variety of commercial formats align to our clients’ specification and requirements.


The Company has in-house design centers with a dedicated team of  design experts who continuously develop innovative, construction friendly and cost- effective designs. It is equipped with the latest software like D software and Auto CAD Engine’s, TEKLA, X-Steel software to generate structural shop drawing Solid works for 3D modeling & utilizing of parts and parts list and shipping lists per client.

It provides computerized engineering solutions, 3D modeling system and design depending on the size and complexity of the project, and Client's requirement.

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