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Scope of Works

  • Erection & Commissioning of ACC 15 cells

  • Erection & Commissioning of HRSG & GT Turbines

  • Manpower Expert Supply

  • Mechanical Works


The Hassi R'Mel integrated solar combined cycle power station constructed on 2009-2010 in ISCC Hassi R'mel Algeria under Abengoa Solar Spain. This is a hybrid power station combines 25 MW parabolic by the  concentration of solar power array, in conjunction with a 130 MW combined cycle gas turbine plant. The output from the solar array is used in the steam turbine generation.

Integrated Solar Combined-Cycle (ISCC) technology combines the advantage of solar energy with the aid of a combined cycle. The solar resources partially substitutes the fossil fuel. This power plant is combination of a 150 MWe hybrid power plant and combined cycle and a 20 MWe solar thermal plant.

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