It's beyond Steel Fabrication, we build partnership


About Us

"We learn that there is no small project, every project is opportunity to innovate new strategies"

Our team is collaboration of culture diversity and skill integration. We definitely engage in challenging project, continuing discovering our limits


It's beyond steel fabricator and metal manufacturer, we offer complete construction solution. 

Started as a Fabrication, we plan, we design, we construct, we install and we master everything in construction...

"No Projects is too large, No Job is too large."

Our Area of Expertise



The Company has in-house design centers with a dedicated team of  design experts who continuously develop innovative, construction friendly and cost- effective designs. 


On those years, we learn to specialize the course and art of steel fabrication. We master the process and become our benchmark in entire country. Our fabrication capabilities includes piping  design, exchanger, tanks & special pressure vessel and module prefabrication and installation. 


We are noted for our ability to successfully execution of projects on time, here and abroad, in such extreme weather condition even in time of national security issue in the region


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