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Founded  in Beer Sheva, Israel in 1984 by himself Mr. ISA KHOURY.  The history of ISAKHOURY is linked to the evolution of steel in our region. With more than 3 decades of successful experience, ISAKHOURY has accumulated a respected list of world leading customers. Since its incorporation, the company has constantly and steadily evolved to its first class leading position, through the design, fabrication, erection and construction of some of the most complicated and concept challenging projects.

A glance at some of our most notable Experience:

  • Projects Execution in North Africa, Jordan, Israel and Europe.

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects.

  • Turn-Key project execution.

Well Experienced in Power Plants, Chemical & Petrochemical, Water, Semiconductors, Materials Handling, etc.

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Code of Ethics

ISAKHOURY METAL INDUSTRY LTD. and the senior management team is responsible for the implementation, enforcement and supervision of the code of ethics. Adherence to the Principles of the Global Compact Initiative Global is mandatory for all ISAKHOURY employees.


The company and its sub-contractors are bound by the principles of ethical behavior, integrity and compliance. Our subcontractors and suppliers, is expects by integrity and ethical, law-abiding behavior in line with the Global Compact Initiative and the minimum standards.

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