Industrial Infrastructure

ISAKHOURY's in construction of semiconductors infrastructures began in 2006.  Our Company successfully has designed, fabricated and installed more than 5,700 tons of steel structure, pipe works and mechanical works such as cooling tower at the Intel Fab 28 Intel. Also included installation of pipe rack, clean room supporting structure, process room structure, etc. We have a joint venture with Grating Production Company, based in Germany. And together we have designed, fabricated and erected different variety of more than 1000 tons of powder coated gratings. In addition, refurbishment of fertilizer Plant.



Rotem Dryer

Refurbishment works which includes the dismantling of existing dryer and auxiliary equipment. The dryer is weighing 140 tons and working 24/7 shifts.

Fab28 Intel
Intel Qiryat Gat, IL
Tower Semi Conductor
Intel Qiryat Gat, IL
AMHS Fab 28A Intel
Intel Qiryat Gat, IL
Great Link Intel
Intel Qiryat Gat, IL
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