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With sudden boom of power plant construction in the country, we learn to excel the construction of different kind of power plants. We gained education, knowledge, experiences piece by piece. Those attributes, together with our trained personnel, ISAKHOURY is adept to handle design & complete construction of the most complex power plant. 

Our expertise & experience includes installation of equipment provided by Siemens, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Doosan, GEA, SPX, BHI, Aalborg and more. Our records are the complete installation of single shaft power plant, solar field, & cogeneration plant with size, 20MW to 451MW and Hydro Pumped Power Plant..

Plant_night view.jpeg

Beer Tuvia Power Plant

Beer Tuvia, Israel

The construction of 451MW IPM Beer Tuvia Power plant is consider to be one of an essential national infrastructure projects, which is taking a significant part in Israel’s continuing energy revolution, creating a competitive market that will produce cheaper and cleaner electricity.

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