Equipment & Machineries

ISAKHOURY  invested a state of the art Equipment and Machinery. Our CNC Woortman Beam has a of  width1250mm with  3 Axis air cooled drilling cell & Integrated marking & numbering Model 2012.  The NC cold rolling machine Model 2011 is able to perform a thickness 60 mm (2’’),  Pre-bending 50 mm, and  Machine type 4 rolls. We have a CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine with 6 Torches fully computerized and capable of cutiing 6,000 mm x 16,000 mm. Our Column welding Boom Submerge welding Boom have a capacity of  6,000mm Rail & 50m in length. Our Company is continue upgrading and acquiring equipment  and machinery for more efficient deliberation of our services and for our Client's advantage.  ISAKHOURY  owns and maintains light & heavy lifting equipment up to 300T consisting of Mobile cranes and Hydraulic Crane.

CNC Plate Drilling
Column & Boom Welding
Guillotine Shearing PL20
SAW Welding Tractor
Plasma Cutting Machine
Beam Line
Break Press 400T
Cold Rolling Machine
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