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CNC Plate Drilling
Column & Boom Welding
Guillotine Shearing PL20
SAW Welding Tractor
Plasma Cutting Machine
Beam Line
Break Press 400T
Cold Rolling Machine
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ISA KHOURY  invested a state of the art Equipment and Machinery. Our CNC Woortman Beam has a of  width1250mm with  3 Axis air cooled drilling cell & Integrated marking & numbering Model 2012.  The NC cold rolling machine Model 2011 is able to perform a thickness 60 mm (2’’),  Pre-bending 50 mm, and  Machine type 4 rolls. 


We have a CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine with 6 Torches fully computerized and capable of cutiing 6,000 mm x 16,000 mm. Our Column welding Boom Submerge welding Boom have a capacity of  6,000mm Rail & 50m in length.

Our Company is continue upgrading and acquiring equipment  and machinery for more efficient deliberation of our services and for our Client's advantage. 

ISA KHOURY  owns and maintains light & heavy lifting equipment up to 300T consisting of Mobile cranes and Hydraulic Crane.

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