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Nesher 120MW Power Plant

Location: Ramla

Scope of Works

Year Completed: 2010

  • Erection & Commissioning SST-300 Steam Turbines,

  • Erection & Commissioning of ACC X4 Cells

  • Fabrication  and Installation of Associated Piping Works


This Nesharim power plant is a modern and advanced power station, using combined cycle technology, with an output capacity of approximately 120 MW located in Ramla, for Nesher Cement Plant energy consumption. Nesher is the leading producer of cement in Israel.

The plant comprises three electricity generation units, including two gas turbine units, each with a capacity of 48 MW, in addition to a steam turbine unit with a capacity of 25 MW. The gas turbines are LM6000 PF aviation turbines produced by GE. The aviation turbines are based on an engine that serves to power jet airplanes.

The turbines are consequently characterized by rapid ignition and load modification times, thereby offering the plant the maximum flexibility required given the regulatory environment under which the plant operates. The steam turbine is a SST300 model, manufactured by Siemens.

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