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We've reached here and We're expanding


ISA KHOURY has capability to execute immediate mobilization on site anytime and anywhere in the World. Our manpower resources and in-house experts can handle multiple complex project simultaneously and can able to employs foreign experts if deemed necessary. 

Leader in the structure industry, importing, manufacturing & Servicing. We are well experienced in Collaboration and Coordination (Logistics, equipment, cranes, etc.)

And familiar with local  and international regulations frame works. Familiar with the Middle East cultures, customs & language.

Subsidiary Offices





ISA KHOURY is well established in Israel. We have Location & site accessibility (facilitate entry to market) Our subsidiary offices is located in Nazareth, Bethlehem PA,  Aqaba, Jordan, Morocco, Cyprus, and Germany which make easier to mobilize. manpower resources, equipment and machinery. 

ISAKHOURY has a proven experience and capabilities  to handle transportation of equipment via the different border crossing.

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