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Projects / Power Plants / ACC Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning

For the ACC Works Services ISA KHOURY offers a competitive package which includes the complete Fabrication & Installation of Ducts, Tanks, Steel Structure, and related Piping Works. Our ACC expertise comprises of skills, knowledge, "know-how" and appropriate heavy lifting equipment and well-experienced team. 

For almost 2 decades we mastered the ACC works and create a notable ACC Project Portfolio. ISA KHOURY has a vast experiences in ACC Fabrication and Installation. With our skills, knowledge and expert manpower, we work with the world leading ACC designer such as SPX Cooling Technologies, Belgium, GEA, Hammon, Clyde Bergemann and more.... We owns and maintains heavy lifting equipment Crane up to 300T.

ISA KHOURY successfully finished the complete Fabrication and Installation for ACC in the following location: Israel, PA, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and more....

Our ACC works services is continue to extend worldwide and already reached Guadeloupe South Africa , Switzerland, Germany, England, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Israel.

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