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Projects / Power Plants / 240MW UTE Power Plant


Location: Dead Sea

Year Completed: 2014

Scope of Works

  • Mechanical Erection of Gas and Steam Turbines

  • Piping and Flashing   Works

  • Steel Structure fabrication and Erection

  • Civil Works


This 240MW UTE Power Plant is Combined Heat and Power Plan located inside Dead Sea Works Factory vicinity. The complete construction finished 2014. ISA KHOURY works includes the Mechanical Erection of Siemens Gas Turbine and Alstom Steam Turbine. We did also the Civil Works foundation of both Gas and Steam Turbine. This project consider to be complex project  due to location, temperature condition and inside the vicinity of Chemical Factory. We used special technique in executing Civil Works because of the high contains of salt water in the  project site. Our team is working differently, a flexible shift and in accordance with the temperature condition which can reach up to 50 degree Celsius. And of course ISA KHOURY team is in strict compliance of HSE which includes the Safety Orientation, proper wearing of appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like gas mask while inside the vicinity.

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